beef burritos with a killer mole sauce...


Got that certain "yen" again for something south of the border?  Burritos is always a good answer!  And this recipe for pretty straight-forward beef burrito has some very interesting flavors that make it a "keeper."  I promise: your guests will love it!

The key to this recipe is the mole sauce.  But, before getting to that, how this all works and comes together requires just a little bit of planning.

The meat must merinate for a couple of hours, so slice the beef after lunch and combine it with the ingredients in a Ziploc bag.  Shake and press everything together so that it gets well-incorporated.  Put the Ziploc bag into the refrigerator.  Done.  All that's required is to make the beef (on a stovetop grill or BBQ pit doesn't really matter because the mole sauce is the star).

I like to make the mole sauce ahead of time, normally the day before, and I usually will make double and freeze what I don't use so that I have some available whenever that certain "yen" arises...and all I have to do is merinate the meat.  In this particular preparation, the bacon base is crucial, adding a dimension of flavor to the dish that makes it a killer.


I've accompanied this dish with some sour cream but homemade guacamole goes just as well.  The salad is a variation on the insalada caprese found on The Motley Monk webpage.  This particular preparation sports fresh blueberries and saga blue cheese.



Like the idea?  Here's the recipe:



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