Chicken a la Gino's...


One evening, a friend invited me out to dinner at a local B&B, Gino's, where I ordered what ended up being an absolutely terrific chicken dish.  It was so good I decided to re-invent  the dish at home the following weekend.

Crucial to this preparation is the base.  Begin building the flavors by sautéing diced Vidalia onions (red onions work well, too, but shallots would be too expensive), sliced baby portabella mushrooms (crimini), sliced garlic, and dried basil.  Then, set aside and let the flavors get acquainted.


Pound chicken breasts into cutlets.  Make seasoned flour (flour, salt, pepper, and paprika) in a large Ziploc bag.  Add the cutlets and shake until they are completely covered and lightly breaded (no wet visible).  Shake off any excess flour.  Brown cutlets in olive oil and butter.  Set browned cutlets aside on a plate.


Reheat sautéed vegetables, adding chicken broth, cream, golden raisins, and toasted pignoli.  Once all of that is incorporated and simmering, and the chicken cutlets.  Simmer until cooked through.  Add flour/water mixture until gravy is thick enough to stick to the pasta.


Serve atop mostiacolli or penne pasta.



Like the idea?  Here's the recipe:



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