For kitchenophiles only...


The Motley Monk is always "on the hunt" for new kitchen gadgets, as new and improved gadgets flood the marketplace almost every day.  Beware, however.  Kitchenophiles can spend (and waste!) a lot of $$$s on kitchen gadgets.

It's imperative to purchase only necessary gadgets that will be used frequently (to justify their cost).  Otherwise, kitchen cabinet drawers will fill up with unused gadgets that should be thrown out.

But, The Motley Monk is willing to bet, those little-used gadgets won't be thrown away, if only because of that one instance when a kitchenophile needs to use that particular gadget.  The trouble here is that it will take so much time to find that particular gadget in the stash of gadgets it would have been better for the kitchenophile to use what the gadget was intended to replace in the first place!

In what follows are kitchen gadgets I've found in the marketplace along with some of The Motley Monk's commentary.




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