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ллллл  adventures in the (very good) Food served at Holy Innocents Hermitage II



A frequently asked question:

2. Why the "very good" in the website's subtitle?

A brother Augustinian priest and friend, Fr. Joseph Jordan, inquired of me one Sunday morning in the sacristy of the parish where we both assist on the weekends, "Is everything you make excellent?"

Joe asked that question because one evening when Joe was as a guest at HIH II and as I brought in the entree to the dinner table, I announced, "Boy, this sure is going to be excellent!"  Joe responded, "Well, I sure am glad you think so!"

So, on that Sunday morning after I announced, "Boy, Joe, did I make something excellent last night!", that's when Joe jumped all over me.

But, the food at HIH II is good...very good, in fact.  Or else I wouldn't make it!  Whoever would want to serve guests something that wasn't very good, if not excellent?

Hence the website's name "Adventures in (Very Good) Food at Holy Innocents Hermitage II."