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A frequently asked question:

3. Where does the cooking take place?

How silly!  In the kitchen (aka, "the war room"), of course!

However, as with most in life, there's a story here!

The kitchen at HIH I measured 6' X 15' and, although it sufficed for almost five years (how can one know what one doesn't know?), the kitchen was pretty small for hosting more than one or two guests for dinner.

Knowing this new kitchen would serve as the "nerve center" of operations at HIH II and that I wanted it to be "just right," one friend, Kendall, decided that my strategy mandated complete demolition.  So, before moving into HIH II, a trio of friends not much different from the Three Stooges (Kendall, Frank, and Andrew) completely gutted the place and the kitchen, in particular.  Following demolition, new cabinetry was added to an empty wall (the picture on the bottom right) and additional countertop space was added.  Pots and pans were hung above the front window for easy access and allowing more space for storing equipment in the cabinets (the picture on the bottom left.  I store my collection of back issues of cooking magazines on the top of the cabinet above the stove and microwave.



Over the years, my sister and brother-in-law as well as Kendall and his lovely and gracious wife, Debbie, used events like my birthday and Christmas to build my stash of cooking equipment.  The "war room" is now fully-equipped to handle just about any culinary task.  Without the generosity of these people, the original kitchen at HIH II would have sufficed (again, how can one know what one doesn't know?)...but it would not serve, as it has for almost nine years, as the nerve center of operations at HIH II.

Also, the pictures don't show the crucifix which I have positioned next to the stove.  No, it's not a form of superstitious voodoo intended to ward off demons like fires or food disasters!  I placed the crucifix to remind anyone who is cooking in the kitchen of HIH II that everything we have is God's gift made possible through the sacrifice of so many people, including God's only begotten Son.  All too often we in the United States take for granted the food we have in abundance when compared to other people in other places of the world.  For me, the food supply chain in the United States is one of the marvels of the world, a miracle made possible by God through his creatures.  No other nation on the planet has grocery stores which have available for sale the breadth and extent of everything that's available in grocery stores in the USA.  In my opinion, too many of us fail to remember that it's all pure gift and can disappear in the flash of an instant.  So, when shopping and cooking, it's extremely important to remember Who gave us those gifts we're turning into a meal for others to enjoy.